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Doin’ It Right – A Family Affair at Hometeam New Year’s Rally


Those who attended the four-day love fest subtitled Hometeam New Year’s Rally won’t tell you that you’re doing it wrong, but they will for darn sure tell you that they’re doin’ it right. Once again, Maddox Ranch in Lakeland hosted 36 sets of music, and from this decidedly non-objective reviewer’s standpoint, every one was at least great if not superb, bordering on best-ever.

"On to the highly anticipated set from The Melody Trucks Band, more Jacksonville love. Their very first performance was at Great Outdoors, and this was a triumphant return. This band is so powerful......"

See the FULL WRITE UP on ALL of the bands from Hometeam... including some of our Home Town Jacksonville Favorites! 

Bonnie Blue

"Then things turned south, as in Jacksonville south, as Bonnie Blue was up. Like Custard Pie, they had only an hour to bring the heat, and they did exactly that. Bradley Churchman and Willis Gore cranked it up on guitars with John Wilson on keyboards in hot pursuit...."

Corbitt Brothers Band

"Speaking of Corbitt, Isaac and brother Newsome were up next and kept the ball rolling with “Mr. Charlie,” “What I Got” and “Ophelia.” I’ve mentioned Corbitt’s numerous sit-ins as artist at large but have failed to state just how great each one was. This man is a master of the harmonica....."

Cat McWilliams Band

"Jacksonville represent next with the Cat McWilliams Band, a solid rock and blues group. She was a good guitarist and fine vocalist, much reminiscent of Heather Gillis’s singing. She, lead guitarist Toby McWilliams and tenor sax player all soloed on the first tune. Next they offered a really nice interpretation of “Inner City Blues.” Cat belted a superb “Little by Little” before Clay Watson helped out on “Cissy Strut > The Chicken.”....."



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Check out Melody's Interview on!

Green Arrow Radio


Introducing The Melody Trucks Band!

Family. That’s how I feel about the many people I have met over the years while being in the arts scene. I recently had the opportunity to reach out to Melody Trucks to discuss her new project, The Melody Trucks Band. We got into how the project that started out as an unknown dream, turned into the beginning of a new family scene. Melody shares a few tales of how/when her father, Mr. Butch Trucks, first got a chance to hear her sing at a venue and how the surprise took place and how getting an opportunity to go on close to home tours with her dad will always be moments reflected on as irreplaceable. Being a new group, The Melody Trucks Band as of today have had three shows and we discussed each one slightly and how the band vibes with one another and even how at the end of the Family Jam, local musicians were invited to sit in and jam along...



What a great venue for the debut of The Melody Trucks Band.  See the full write-up on

Great Outdoors Jam? Wonderfully Glorious Outdoors Jam is More Like It!

Posted on October 16, 2017 by Scott Hopkins

Maybe there’s just something in the Florida water. How else do explain another festival where almost every band delivered brilliant if not best-ever performances? Perhaps it was the crowd trading energy back and forth with the musicians. Maybe it was exceptional sound and lighting, again. Possibly it was the amazingly supportive organizational staff, permitting everyone to do what they do best — love live music.